Time for a Detox?

Detoxification has become a cornerstone for successful management of many health problems.

A natural detox program can be one of the most effective ways to rapidly improve the state of your health, clear out toxins from your body and leave you feeling healthy and energetic.

With more than 2000 new chemicals being produced every year and released into the environment, toxins are an unfortunate yet unavoidable part of modern life, infiltrating our soil, water, air and food supply.

Signs that indicate you may need to detox:

Digestive complaints, skin problems, fluid retention, hormonal imbalances, inflammation, neurological conditions, low energy, weight gain or difficulty losing weight, food intolerances.

Under normal circumstances, your body is able to rid itself of harmful chemicals and sometimes, the sheer volume of you are exposed to can overwhelm natural processes and accumulate in your tissues, such as your fat cells.

Factors that increase the need to detox:

Exposure to pollution and chemicals, exposure to new cars and new furniture, smoking, alcohol and coffee consumption. diets high in saturated fats, refined carbohydrates, processed and packaged foods, fertility and pre-conception care, overweight or obesity.

While reducing toxin burden through clean eating and living is vital, individuals vary in their ability to process and eliminate toxins and in how toxins impact their health.

Over recent years ‘detox programs’ have become very popular, often claiming a quick-fix with very little understanding of what detoxification is or how to detox effectively.

The one-size fits all approach to detox can dramatically affect both the safety and the efficacy of the program. These programs lack the support of a healthcare professional and their advice to suitably prescribe something to address your health requirements.

The term ‘toxicity’ is not only the total burden of toxins, but also the state of immune reactivity, inflammation, digestive dysfunction and cellular damage, which are the foundations of so many chronic conditions that plague modern society.

The right detoxification program will not only assist to clear the body of toxins, but also act to correct the patient’s individual response to toxicity and build their future toxin resistance.

We offer a nourishing and sustainable way to cleanse and heal your body. Unlike popular juicing or fasting cleanses, our clinic’s programs provide clinically tested support. This includes a scientifically formulated nutritional program containing low-allergy-potential nutritional supplementation and food plan.

Our experienced practitioners can recommend a Detox Program that is tailored to your individual health needs. These include an Express Detoxification, or a Specialised Program for more targeted results.

Express Detox

If you are generally well, but have overindulged recently (e.g. post-Christmas or big celebration) or have completed a Specialised Detox before, you may benefit from the Express Detox Program. This program is ideal for individuals who are simply aiming to optimise their current state of good health and do not suffer from digestive or chronic health concerns. The program lasts two weeks and should be enough to get you back on track and feeling great!

Specialised Detox

The Specialised Detox programs are typically 4-6 weeks in duration and suitable for most patients to improve their digestive health, liver function and overall health and wellbeing. This program is appropriate for those with general digestive or health imbalances and may aid in supporting healthy intestinal microbial balance.  An extended program may also be suggested for those who suffer from chronic or extensive digestive symptoms and require additional support to improve their health.

The ultimate goal of a professional detoxification program is to provide you with a personalised protocol that is safe and effective, and enables you to achieve the best possible health.

Here at the clinic we offer both Naturopathic Medicine and Workshops to help your reclaim your health with natural medicine.

If you have any questions regarding whether a detox is right for you, we are happy to assist you in any way possible.

About the Author

Damian Brown is a Naturopath & Kinesiologist with a focus on evidence based practice and the art of healing.

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